Business Event July 2019

September 6th, 2019

In July, we hosted Zambian entrepreneur Gregor Mwalula and Mrs. Andreja Mwalula. They both live and work in the Republic of Zambia, but are closely related to Slovenia, since they are of Slovene origin. They outlined their business paths and shared experiences with their participants about life and work in this part of Africa.
Gregor presented information on the current situation in the business area, and in particular in the newly developing market for renewable resources in the Republic of Zambia. As a stable country in the region, Zambia is committed to maximizing its use, and this is also a great business opportunity for foreign companies. The government and local companies are actively seeking investors for various renewable energy projects, especially for electricity generation.
Mrs. Andrea Mwalula, in addition to her life course, presented her mission in the field of education. She dedicated her life’s mission to educating sick children and young people. She also founded the Twende Foundation, which provides education for hospitalized children and others who have difficulty attaining their primary education.
More than 20 representatives of Slovenian companies attended the business meeting at the ICPE Center in Ljubljana.
At the event, we outlined plans for an autumn business delegation to the Republic of Zambia and also started accepting applications.