Zambia’s business environment is determined by the specific terms and conditions which are laid down by the national law, social practices and norms, political situation and the state of the economy. Knowledge of all these factors is crucial when a foreign company is preparing to enter the foreign market, because they directly affect the performance of the entire business.

Acquisition of useful and reliable information is one of the key factors for a successful start. We will make sure you get to know the Zambian market and the way of work of the local business so you receive all the necessary information that will help you with the initial decisions and operations.

In that way you will have a great advantage in making contacts with local businesses, as you will know all the pros and cons of the environment. Consequently it will save you a lot of time and money that should have been invested in pre-market research.

Transmission of information on business opportunities

Business opportunities are those that can rapidly take your business into a success story, as they enable you to that at the right time and at the right place you offer something in which you are good at and what is the quality of your business.

Zambia, its economy and the business sphere, are aiming for economic growth, improvement and creative ideas, so they are willing to put up all their strength and resources to support companies which have something to offer to their market.

Slovenian Business Club in Zambia and in neighboring countries monitors developments and opportunities in the markets of these countries. It addresses it in the most advanced and innovative way, since it is based on direct integration with influential people of Zambian business sphere, which in turn provides a very useful and important information, so to speak “first hand information”. In this way you will be instantly fully briefed on the latest opportunities and invaluable information.

Based on existing contacts and established connections we connect you with influential people in different Zambian institutions and informal organizations, which are for operating in the market such is the African, very important or even necessary.

Such activity does provide an excellent base and prepare for the performance of Slovenian companies, providing them even before the start with excellent strategic location as well it inspires potential Zambian investors with the right approach, way of sharing information and a presentation of the actual Slovenian companies.

Exploring new market potential

Identifying market potential in foreign markets requires a comprehensive approach and it is necessary to have very deliberate and targeted implementation of market analysis and other strategies of market research. This approach is addressed in the context of a comprehensive project and we are carrying out activities in many areas.

Zambian market analysis and current needs of new market potentials are an excellent springboard. This information is very important, because it helps the Slovenian company to guide the appropriate strategy and thus provide significantly greater business success.

Connecting with potential business partners

When a company decides to enter a foreign market alone has without such assistance very thorny path ahead. In the initial phase it has to establish useful and important contacts, as only then it can be dedicated to the actual operations and the introduction of products or services.

Often passes a lot of time before the company succeeds to establish useful business contacts and connect with the key people.

Through cooperation with the Slovenian Business Club in Zambia you also get an exclusive guarantee that you will receive on the spot the help from our representative in establishing business connections. In cooperation with local representatives we will quickly and efficiently provide contacts of leading people, which will allow you to realize business immediately.

Organization of promotional trade shows, business meetings

The Slovenian Business Club arranges all the necessary arrangements for promotions, trade show presentations and other business meetings. Effective promotion of the company in the foreign market is in the initial and subsequent phases extremely important because it helps the image and the visibility of the company as it offers the potential partners to get to know company and business services as well help to an easier decision to participate.

Networking and integration, which is carried out daily by the local people, arrange for right potential business partners from the local community to attend your presentation.
In addition to individual, we are also planning joint meetings and presentations of Slovenian companies.

Organization of visits to potential business partners

Practice has shown that first contacts with partners in foreign markets can mostly establish in a relatively short time, but often remains only as a good idea, as it is for actual organized business meeting needed a bit more.

Upon entry into the club you will immediately skip this type of obstacle, as we in our club will always help the organization of business meetings with potential partners and also make sure that the arrangements would be realized quickly and efficiently. From our permanent presence in the Zambian environment we have gained a reputation, so we will arrange all the accompanying activities. The entire organization will be carried out quickly, efficiently and with significantly lower costs.

Help in finding suppliers, subcontractors

For enforcing the Slovenian company in a foreign country is also crucial search of suitable suppliers and subcontractors who are able to offer high quality services and help in the realization of projects. According to our presence and visibility we will help you find reliable and high-quality partners.

Help in setting up companies, branches

An important step in gaining a foothold in foreign markets is also establishing new businesses or branches, which allow much faster and more optimal functioning on the market. Zambia is a country which welcomes new business cooperation with open arms, but also sets the terms, conditions and policies.

We will help in establishing companies and subsidiaries all interested companies or business partners on the basis on our own experience and good knowledge of local laws and rules and help to work with both private, and government sectors. The start up of companies and branches will be faster, less costly and more successful.

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