Our activities & webinars

Our activities & webinars

In 2020 we will focus our activities mainly on connecting via digital routes. The COVID-19 situation demands different kind of interaction than we are normally used. Newer the less, we are continuing with our activities, maintaining existing and establishing new connections and sharing information is an important mission of our business club and we will continue to do so despite the more demanding conditions.

Business gatherings will continue to be part of ongoing activities, and the digital channel will be available in real time as well as recordings of past gatherings. Video presentations of activities on both the Zambian (African) and Slovenian (European) markets will be available on our web site.

The year 2020 therefore brings a significantly different program of activities, which gives us additional impetus to ensure that business ties continue to live actively on both sides. On the other side, more digital content will certainly contribute to even greater information in the long run and help to exchange information even faster.

We are welcoming all of you to join us in our mission. If you would like to actively participate in our activities, let us know by e-mail or by phone. We will make sure to coordinate your wishes.

Stay healthy and connected

President of Business club Zambia , Mr. Damjan Zonta

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