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Business events 2021

President of the Zambia Business Club,
Mr. Damjan Zonta

Covid situation started in 2020 demands different kind of interaction than we are normally used. That’s why we are continuing our activities mainly thru digital connections. We are maintaining existing and establishing new connections and sharing information is an important mission of our business club and we will continue to do so.

Business gatherings it continues to be the most important part of ongoing activities, and the digital channel will be available in real time as well as recordings of past gatherings.

We are welcoming all of you to join us in our mission. If you would like to actively participate in our activities, let us know by e-mail or by phone. We will make sure to coordinate yours expectations.

Webinars held in 2021

Webinar, 25. January 2021

Info about event Agritech-expo , Zambija, april 2021
Main speaker: Mr. Damjan Zonta, President of the Zambia Business Club (slo-zambia.com)

Webinar, 22. April 2021

Current situation in Zambia 2021
With guest: Mr. Kellys Kaunda, Secretary of the Zambian Embassy in Berlin (zambiaembassy.de)

Webinar, 13. Maj 2021

New business opportunities in Zambia 2021
With guests: Mrs. Taziza Mvula and Mr. Andrew Hachimbe from Zambian Development Agency (zda.org.zm)

Webinar, 3. June 2021

Business opportunities on agricultural sector in Zambia
With guest: Mr. Gaurav Vijayvargiya, CEO of Two Six Zero Brands Ltd. Zambia. The company is engaged in the production and distribution of soybean and corn products. (260brands.com)

Webinar, 7. july 2021

Energy sector development in Zambia
With Guest: Mr. Andrew Bungoni from the International Center for Trade and Investment of Zambia ZITIC (zitic.co.zm)

Webinar higlights SBCZ - 25.01.2021.

Webinar higlights SBCZ - 24.04.2021.

Webinar higlights SBCZ - 13.05.2020.

Webinar higlights SBCZ - 03.06.2020.

Webinar higlights SBCZ - 07.07.2020.